Sinister World

by Gabrielle Loisel

Have you seen Silent Hill?

I have mixed feelings about it. I don’t think it’s really a very good movie. But it’s scary as hell. SO SCARY, GUYS.

The plot is, essentially, a mother goes looking for her daughter in this crazy-ass town between realities that keeps switching from being a slightly creepy to being filled with horrible monsters. Did I mention it’s SO SCARY? But what really strikes me as terrifying is the parts where the main character is just walking around this town, and there aren’t any monsters, but they could show up at any minute, because she has no idea when the town will switch over to being Murderville again.

For the first Digital Art assignment, I want to play around with the idea of a world that is slightly off, slightly sinister, like Silent Hill is in the parts before monsters start ripping people’s skin off (really, Silent Hill? What even is that?). What I’m really interested is in that limnal place in horror, the space between worlds, the space where things can sometimes slip from one side to another. Maybe it’s because I have such vivid and original nightmares (um…yay?). Or maybe I just really like creepy things. I mean, I REALLY LIKE EVIL WITCHES.

(I’m sorry I don’t know where these came from. Somewhere on Tumblr? I’m the worst.)