Video Project Brainstorming

by Gabrielle Loisel

Whew! I really feel like I didn’t have any time at all to do these videos, but I really liked it! I love working under pressure, because it doesn’t allow me to procrastinate and draw things out. Here is the random collection of thoughts I came up with after analyzing my raw footage for the video project:

  • alienating
  • no narrative
  • meta
  • postmodern, failure of images — a video of a video ; dancer dancing in front of dance video
  • make the viewer conscious of status as observer
  • everything is a dance : indonesian children, hannah, serpentine dancer
  • stillness vs movement
  • light and shadow
  • obscure — (no face)
  • audio : echoes and reverb
  • recorded ambient sound in the room for 1 minute then looped a simple childlike, melody  (I didn’t want it to be threatening or terrifying, just disorienting.)

(I’ll probably try to turn this into an artist’s statement later, but for now, I just want to be able to show a bit of where I was coming from during the video project.)