That’s the way the paper crumples

by Gabrielle Loisel

What a wretched weekend I had! Sometimes my body just really hates me.

But anyway! Paper assignment! We had to crumple paper and looooook at it.

So here’s what I learned:

  • I’m really interested in negative space, almost more than I am in positive space sometimes.
  • I loved drawing the paper as a series of geometric faces, probably because I have a serious obsession with crystals and crystalline structures. They’re just so cool!
  • I like using ink, drawing in black and white, and using a very contrast-y style (but I already knew that). Creating a lot of variation in tone is pretty boring to me, and I don’t usually like the result of using a lot of shading. So I’m just going to assume that all my art professors are going to make me draw things in vine charcoal this semester (/joke).

For some reason my computer won’t upload any of my pictures, so…I’ll get back to this.

Also. I hate sculpy (sp?) I think it has to do with my hatred of Play-D0h that extends to any Play-Doh-like substances. I find touching it pretty revolting. What interests me about it is the weird white traces it leaves behind. I’d like to play with it on a large piece of black paper… For the assignment, I played with it, smooshing it and flattening it, then turning those flat shapes to rounded ones. Finally I ended up with a cup-like shape, and decided to use sculpy to re-create the negative space from the first piece. Again, my computer is no cooperating, so there are no pictures at this moment. Boo.