Destruction dress (possible trigger warning)

by Gabrielle Loisel







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The more I read the news, the angrier I get about rape culture. I’m sick of pretty much everything and I’ve also been artistically stumped for the last couple of weeks. I started collecting materials: perforated sheet metal, sheets of bubble wrap, nails, razor blades. Simultaneously, I read articles about the Stubenville, Ohio rape case. So now I’m thinking of making a piece that reacts to the idea that women need to dress to avoid rape, that the burden is on the woman to keep safe. I like the contrast of the fragile, transparent bubble wrap and these sharp, dangerous pieces of metal. Of course the outfit would have to be a dress or skirt-set, not only because of the association with femininity, but because of this. Thinking of calling it “Asking for Nothing.”


A few articles on anti-rape clothing: