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Art from a girl.

Screenshots of Nick Cave (Costume Artist)

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What is exploitation in art?

What is exploitation in art?

Kingdom Crumbs – Evoking Spirits

Amazing animation art by Ori Toor

Art Against Hierarchy

Art Against Hierarchy

Facebook event page for Art Against Hierarchy, a community show April 12. I have a piece in! Go see it!


“Julie Krakowski is a designer creating conceptual textiles. Take Coffee and Cigarettes I – a series of textiles based on the marks typically left on linens by everyday life, such as cigarette burns, and food stains. Each mark is painstakingly embroidered into the linen. This series seeks to ‘accentuate the importance of the random and […]

“Vital” by Grouper

“Vital” by Grouper

This song has been informing all my art this semester.

What the heck is going on with my blog?

I thought that I had posted that last post on Monday.  Nope. THANKS WORDPRESS.  And my pictures wouldn’t upload… Maybe my internet connection is too darn slow? UGHHHHHHHH ART PEOPLE PROBLEMSSSSS.